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Brake Trouble

I have a 2004 Acura TL and here lately I’ve been having some issues with my car. The latest issue is my car will not move. When I press on my brakes there is a lot of pressure making it very hard to push them, even after sitting over night. I have had the Brake Booster replaced and still having the same issues. Could this be an issues with my calipers? My VSA light came on as well. Does anyone have any clues as to what it could be?

What type of rear brakes do you have?

Drum or Disc?

@MikeInNH the TL’s had 4 wheel discs.

OP, is it cold where you are? Sometimes condensation gets into the booster diaphragm or check valve and freezes it, which makes the pedal hard to press.

Can you clarify what you mean by it will not move? If the brake pedal is hard to press that usually means it will not stop. :wink:

I can press on the accelerator and the car will not move forward or backward when in either drive or reverse.
It’s cold but not freezing cold, the high today was 44 degrees

I was told that my calipers are staying engaged, but I have a mechanic that said that shouldn’t cause the brakes to have so much pressure after sitting overnight.

Could you give us a little better idea of the timeline? Why and when did you have the booster replaced. How long after did this problem show up, or is it the same problem? Did the mechanic bleed and flush the fluid? Have you contacted him about this latest issue?

I too am puzzled by this comment. Can you elaborate?
Does the engine run? Is it then unable to move the vehicle forward?
Do you use your parking brakes at night?
Do you live where it dropped below freezing last night?

In summary, I’m wondering if your parking brakes are frozen “on”.
I’m also wondering if this is the original brake fluid… and has moisture in it… that’s become ice crystals. Water expands when it freezes, and if it’s entrapped in a brake line it will apply the brakes solidly as if you were pressing the pedal.

Post back.

Well, that is indeed a big problem … lol … I think whatever’s causing it can be solved without too much difficulty tho. You just need the right mechanic to investigate what’s causing this to happen. If it is just one wheel that is locking up – easily verified with the vehicle placed on a lift – most likely it is a collapsed flexible brake hose leading to that wheel. If it is more than one wheel, basically the mechanic will start loosening hose connections until they find which ones are preventing the wheels from turning. Besides the flexible rubber hoses at the calipers, could be a stuck caliper piston, a fault in the abs unit, the master cylinder, or the power booster, or the linkage to the pedal .

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have we eliminated the transmission? Just asking.

I did have a brake problem many years ago causing this exact symptom, but forget what the problem was.

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