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Acura problem-car lurches forward when braking


I have a 2004 Acura TL which for quite some time has had an intermittent problem. The problem usually occurs before the engine gets warmed up. When I take my foot off the gas and brake, sometimes the engine revs up and the car lurches forward. I’m concerned because lately the problem has sometimes been worse, i. e. the car lurches forward farther. I have taken the car to the dealer we bought it from (Autowest Acura) twice and they said they couldn’t duplicate the problem.

Any thoughts about what might be causing this are very welcome.


Could be a vacuum leak in the brake booster.

Would a vacuum leak cause the engine speed to increase when I take my foot off the gas and apply the brake? Also, I have noticed more recently that the engine speed sometimes increases when I’m in reverse backing out of the garage (and I’m not pressing my foot on the gas). Is this part of the same problem?