Brake sensors BMW


How many brake sensors are required for BMW cars?


I don’t think a 1949 BMW Veritas has any brake sensors.

So my answer is 0


BMW has made vehicles for years and many different models so this is a question that will have many answers and may not even pertain to the BMW you are asking about . If you have a BMW just go to the dealer parts counter and they will have your answer.


2015 BMW 528i xdrive. Sorry didn’t mention the model number earlier.

What do you consider to be a “brake sensor”? Brake pad wear sensors?

The brake light switch and brake fluid level sensors are technically switches, not sensors.

For the anti-lock brake system there are many sensors, brake pedal stroke sensor, accumulator pressure sensor, wheel speed sensors. Why are you counting them?

Yes brake pads wear sensors!

Not sure if its 2 or 4.

Some luxury vehicles use one front and one rear, others have one on each wheel. Check for the wires at each wheel. Rock Auto shows “left front” and rear, looks like only 2.

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F10 BMW 5 series has two brake pad sensors, one front left hand side and one rear right hand side