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Cracked Caliber Boot?

Hey all! New here, but just looking for some guidance on a cracked silicone caliber boot? Should I be concerned and fix it immediately? The guy who just did my brakes told me about it. But I’ve never even heard of it so I’ll googling :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

Sorry was thinking axle boot.

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If you’re going to Google it, I suggest that you use the term “caliper boot”.
If you Google “caliber”, you’re likely to wind up on a firearms website.


The caliper piston dust boot is torn.

It should be replaced.

Dirt will get behind the boot and could damage the piston seal.



Nah, I bet it’s caliper guide pin boot.


Time to find out if it’s the caliper piston boot or the caliper guide pin boot. Call the mechanic and ask. I’d get either fixed, but I’d rush to get the piston boot fixed.


And the caliper boot seal isn’t made from silicone unless it is a specialty aftermarket item. Caliper boots are made from EPDM rubber, not silicone. Brake fluid melts silicone rubber.


I am surprised your brake guy did not immediately replace this…assuming he is talking about the brake caliper. The part is cheap, and he already has everything apart. The boot is there for a purpose, regardless of which boot we are talking about. Buy, yes, one is more critical than the other.
It sounds like your mechanic just didn’t want to wait for a parts order.


Replace ASAP or you will need a new brake job soon.This boot prevents water and dirt to get on the piston surface.A sticking caliper piston will ruin your disc and pads in no time.


The mechanic should not have done a full brake job without telling you of potential consequences first. Just my opinion.

If the caliper piston was somewhat difficult to retract during pad replacement this would mean the caliper is beginning to fail either due to entrance of debris or moisture into the caliper and/or the hardening of the piston seal inside the caliper. Meaning new brakes won’t last as long.


Most mechanics around here will just replace the caliper.


Yeah, if the piston boot was cracked I’d either have the caliper rebuilt to check for internal corrosion, or just replace it. Whatever I did the damaged one, I’d do to the opposite one.


Yeah, my guy is a retired mechanic, so he doesn’t have a full garage as such, or extra parts.

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I didn’t know what it was, I was just guessing :slight_smile: lol

Hard to give decent replies when people are guessing . But what ever it is if the retired mechanic can’t fix it then you should find a shop that can.

I am still confused if it was an axle boot on a Dodge Caliber, or a boot on a caliper.

Car is listed as a Mazda CX-5.

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Pardon my missing that! Why after a brake job was repair not done?

My mechanic is retired and has a home garage, so he doesn’t have parts readily available the same day.

I was just asking for advice based on the little bit of information I had from the mechanic at the time. Maybe I’ve misunderstood the purpose of the purpose of the chat thread on this site. My apologies if so.