Anti seize on caliper bolts for 2013 Ford Edge

I have read a lot of mixed opinions of using anti seize lubricant on brake caliper slide bolts and caliper bracket bolts. What are you supposed to use and where? If a mechanic had put anti seize lube on what is the best way to get it off?

I use silicone brake lube because rubber bushings are not affected by it.You can remove anti-seize with aerosol brake cleaner(brakekleen) and a rag.

good tutorial here

I would not recommend anti-seize anywhere near the caliper slide pins.

They should be lubed with silicon grease, as @COROLLAGUY1 posted, on the slidey-bits but not on the threads. The threads should get a drop of blue Loctite, or similar, to keep them from loosening. It also help corrosion between the bracket and the pin.

I use a silicon brake grease, called Sil-Glide if I recall, on the bolts/pins the caliper slides on, under the rubber boot. But not on threads. Make sure the threaded surfaces are clean, then torque to spec. No goo, no glue, except as specified in valid instructions .

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Almost every set of pads I’ve bought in the past 20+ years comes with a small packet of grease. That’s what I use. Any good high-temp grease should work fine.

One thing many people doing brakes forget is either using new pins or cleaning the existing pins (that’s what I do). Don’t just reuse the old dirty pins. Use new ones or clean the old ones. The wire wheel on a bench grinder works best.