Brake rotor replacement criteria


I was advised by a mechanic to replace the rotors on the front brakes of my 2000 passat wagon, but the rotors appear almost normal to me ( there is about 0.5 to 1 mm of ridge at the internal and external periphery). Was the mechanic right in recommending replacement?


He likely measured them with a micrometer and found they were very close to or under the specified minimum thickness.

Were you getting a vibration in the steering wheel or pedal when you stepped on the brake? If so they may be warpped or over their specified run out limit.

What prompted you to have the brakes looked at by a mechanic? Can you provide more info?


If your changing the pads yes. Your mechanic is likely recommending the work while pulling apart the car since it adds little to the cost except for parts.

Sometimes replacing just the pads yields to unhappy customers who return and have to not only pay extra parts charges however longer labor rates too.


Rotors don’t wear down unless the pads are so worn that it’s metal to metal and it causes scaring.

The only other time you should replace them is if they are warped. And one some vehicles they cost a LOT more then just the pads. You can easily add an hour per side for labor…plus the cost of the rotors.

If the rotors are not scared or warped then don’t have them replaced.