Brake repair on a 03 Civic Hybrid

Well, I have 102,000 miles on my 03 HCH and I’m still on the original set of brakes! I know it is past time to change them, but am loathe to go to the Dealership beacuse they want more than $200. just for the 2 front pads!

My question is this: Can I just have the brakes replaced by your average mechanic? Or because of the braking system being linked to charging the Hybrid Battery pack, do I have to go to the Dealership?

don’t know much about hybrids’ repairs but I do know the regenerative braking has nothing to do with the disk brakes, but rather with the electric motor running backwards as a generator. So I suspect that any mechanic familiar with ABS systems would do OK.

Driving with your eyes closed. You’re gonna hit something but that’s the way it goes. You can’t always get by on zero dollars, but that’s the way it goes. Mieneke, Midas or anywhere will fill you in on prices.

Sure. They is nothing special about hybrid brakes.