2015 Honda Civic Hybrid brake fluid leak repair

My 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid has less than 34K miles and is leaking brake fluid inside car around pedal. Dealer is telling me fixing will mean a new master brake cylinder and cost will be $5500. How can a car with so few miles need a $5500 repair that is not manufacturer’s defect?

Possible it was a defect.
Suggest you take it to an independent shop for estimate, $5500 sounds absurd.


The master cylinder costs just $50-$100. That dealer has a lot of explaining to do! Get away from him as fast as possible…but not too fast since you have a bad master cylinder.


With an estimate that high, I would assume that the fluid leak is related to a hybrid system component. I would verify with the dealer if the defect should be part of the IMA warranty, which the car should still be under. If it is not, I would reach out to Honda to ask them for assistance.


The hydraulic booster unit is leaking, the servo assembly which includes the master cylinder is $3900.

I have replaced many expensive hydraulic brake assemblies, sometimes when failure is common on certain models the manufacture will provide a warranty extension on the brake unit.

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Well, no. This is a hybrid, the brake control system is completely different than on a conventional car.


I did a quick look at the KBB Trade In value which is in the $10-$12 range so the parts cost of the servo assembly is over 1/3 of the entire value of the car?

My goodness! A hybrid is definitely NOT in my future.

Honda has a long and troubled history with its hybrids. Toyota’s have been fine.


Talk about depreciation!

Toyota vehicles have had many hydraulic brake booster failures.

The warranty for the brake booster assemblies on the 2010-2015 Prius has been extended to 10 years.