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Brake problems

I just bought my 4th set of rotors for my 2000 Tundra. Many resurfaces have been done. I still have a “surging” problem that feels like a warped rotor but that cannot be. The new rotors have not helped at all. Ideas?

I assume you mean surging while trying to stop. did anyone test that your calipers are functioning properly? Are your pads wearing evenly? do you live in the mountains? Is your emergency brake on or stuck on? which rotors?

The brake shops say the calipers are fine. I live in the flat part of Texas (DFW). No parking brake problems, and the pads don’t look unusual.
I have 136,000 miles on this vehicle, and four sets of front rotors seems excessive. The rear drums have been replaced once.
I had a 1981 Corona wagon that I sold at 190,000 miles, and never had to replace a rotor even though I had the vehicle for 20 years. I know–more than you wanted to know.