I have a 2002 Toyota Tundra (4x4) and when I apply the brakes at speeds above 30 mph the truck studders/shudders. This is undetectable at slower speeds. Is this because of warped rotor or something else?


If its a pulsing felt only in the brake pedal, a couple of hard (not to the point of skidding) almost stops (60-10) can often clear this up. I don’t know the exact cause of this but some theorize that some residues build up on the rotors that cause uneven braking. The pulsing, once started usually continues all the way down to 0 mph though.

If the steering wheel shakes, then it could be due to warped rotors, or worn tie rods, wheel bearings, or due to a lift kit and over sized tires and deep, offset rims.

You did not say how many miles but it is time to get the brakes checked, something is not right.

It’s most likely warped rotors, but it could be something else.

Thanks for the response!
I had a mechanic check and the cause is warped rotors.