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Brake Performance - Chrysler Minivans

Overall, I am happy with my recently purchased, very low mile 2007 Chrysler Town & Country Touring. Mechanic who inspected the vehicle said, among the rest of the cars systems, that the brakes checked out fine. However, I notice that it takes noticeably longer to stop this model than other minivans that I have owned. There are hundreds of thousands of these 2000 - 2007 machines out on the road - does anyone know a way to improve their braking? Thanks for your consideration.

The front brake components on the Chrysler minivans aren’t sized correctly for the weight of the vehicle. The rotors and brake pads don’t have enough surface area, so they tend to not last very long. Everyone I know who has one of these minivans complain that the front brakes don’t last very long.


Not inexpensively. You could look for aftermarket braking systems like Brembo makes, but you’ll also need to replace the wheels and tires to accomodate the larger discs and calipers.

Search the internet for aftermarket brakes systems for 2007 Chryslar T&C vans. There might be something out there.