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2005 Chrysler Town & Country - Brakes

Hi I received a Free Van, which was a great blessing in a time if great need. However, a few Great Men, IE: Christian neighbors have worked on it to help out our family. Though… the '05 Chrysler Town n Country brakes are quite troubling. They become soft and go to the floor about one week after bleeding the front left and rear right. Sometimes four days before they become completely soft the ABS system does stutter. My friends have changed the calipers on Dec2 and they became completely soft on December Dec12 this seems to be the pattern. Bleed the brakes 7-10 days later the loose their girth. This van has puzzled many of our fine and local mechanics because it is not Loosing brake fluid anywhere? Confuxzeled as we are desperately looking for your reliable and fun advice.

Why just those 2 wheels ?

Personally, I think your master cylinder is failing internally.


This free van just might have the brakes fail at the worst possible time . Like a school crossing zone. I doubt if there are real mechanic working on this by your post. I would look for a local community service that makes small low cost loans so you can have the brakes repaired properly. Are there any family members that might help you ?
I ask about the family members because we have helped some ourselves that we did not even like.


A free van is a blessing indeed. However, if I were involved, I may try to get the van looked at by a trusted professional mechanic or not drive it since brakes are so important to safety. I think your path of using helpful good people may have reached its limits. Just my two-cents.

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