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Brake Pedal Sticking

We have a 2004 Ford Freestar and have problems with the brake pedal sticking ever so slightly. It doesn’t happen in the summer - just in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. It’s not particularly noticeable…until it kills the battery which has happened a few times. Mostly when it’s sunny and you don’t notice that the brake lights are on as you leave the parking lot/garage.

If we notice it we can remedy it by lifting up on the brake pedal with your foot. This will happen while we are driving as well which gives the impression that the driver is riding the brake pedal. This is getting quite annoying and I think contributing to the premature wear of our brakes. Ideas?

It might be the brake light switch that’s sticking. When the pedal is released, the level upon rising pushes the switch in. If the switch is sticking, it may be holding the pedal from fully rising, as well as keeping the brake lights on.

I agree with mountainbike! It sounds like the brake light switch…also I would check to see how your brake stopper (behind pedal) is?