my brake lights stay on when car is in drive

You brake light switch may be stuck in the “on” position. If it can’t be freed up, it should be replaced; a relatively simply procedure.

where would i fine the brake light switch?

have someone stand behind car. you reach in and lift up the brake pedal with your hand all the wayup. if the light goes off, then then brake light switch is defective, or (more probable) the brake return spring is worn out. look up under the dash. there is either a coil spring or a Y shaped spring which pulls the pedal upp off the switch whenyou let go (or supposed to!) either a bad spring or a defective switch.

See post below.

i replaced the brake light switch and they still stay on when i put the car in gear did fine that the 3rd brake light is not coming on at all checked the bulbs all seam to be fine will check the spring next I am at a loss with this one