Brake parts

How important is it to replace brake pads and possibly roters on an Acura with Acura parts? Thanks.

I have a unbranded Chinese master cylinder in a VW for 4 years and 78,000 miles and a rear wheel cylinder for over 2 years and 42,000 miles. Both are good so far. Both were from a local car parts store.

If your Acura parts failed too soon, possibly you might want to try another part brand.

[b]Any reputable parts store will sell quality aftermarket brake components that will meet or exceed the OEM specifications for your vehicle. And that’s all you ask for.

Varying from these specifications is what usually results in poor brake performance and/or unwanted brake noise.


Not important at all. I used NAPA rotors and pads on ours. One thing though is that the Acura has the phillips screw holding the rotors on the same as Honda. So if you do it yourself, spend $20 for an impact screwdriver to loosen it. Then no problem.

The impact screwdriver will only help if you have an air compressor capable of deliving 90psi of pressure. This means a compressor/tank combo.

If you don’t have this kind of air power, and don’t want to spend the money, you can buy a gear multiplier that you can use with either a socket (and buy a phillips head socket) or a drill and a phillips head drill bit.



The impact screwdriver works with a hammer.

Oh that thing… yeah I don’t like em. Don’t ask why. Guess I just have an aversion to hammers and automobiles being mixed. I thought you meant an air-powered impact setup with a phillips at the head.


Acura/Honda don’t make brake parts. They’re made for them by some other manufacturer.

Some parts stores will have two different grades of rotors. For example Autozone has the lower grade Value Craft and the better quality Duralast. The higher priced Duralast will last longer(premature warping) and will have a much lesser change of brake noise. I alway use the better quality rotor. For about an extra $20-30 per axle I feel it is worth it. In terms of pads don’t buy the cheapest for similer reasons. They may have 2 or more choices. I would get the mid grade or better.
An accura is an upscale and good performing car. Your better off keeping it that way.

I am sure some people will disagree with me but when it come to brake parts made in underdeveloped counties (like china) you don’t want to take chances with your brakes. I have used the cheaper brake parts in the past and, not always but usually regretted it. I have had brake pads delaminate form the backing plate. I have had rotors warp way too soon. And there is also that annoying brake squeek you can’t get to go away. Say no to inferior parts by not buying them.
Keep your car safe and in good shape. Good Luck.

I have had luck with using a philips screw driver that allows you to put a wrench on it for added leverage.

If they are stripped you can use a screw extraction tool sold by Sears and other hardware stores. It is like a left handed drill bit that bits in to the head of the screw.

If you don’t want to spring for the impact screw driver try this.

Spray a little penetrating oil on the screw and tap a good quality (not worn) philips bit driver into the fastener with a hammer to seat it in there good. This will displaced any dirt or rust in the slots and may help break free any rust bonding to the threads. Apply alot of axial force(inward)on the screw driver as you turn it to prevent the tool from caming out of the fastener.

clean up the tapped holes and use some anti sieze on the threads when you re-install the screws. You may want to have a few new screws on hand if you do strip one or two. They are M6-.8 fine thread x about 13 mm long(in my Accord). I am assuming they are standardized(the Japaneese manufacturers are good at that). Good Luck.