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Acura 3.0CL 1999 Brakes pads and rotors

My 1999 CL brake pads and rotors need to be replaced, it seems (steering wheel vibrates when braking and grinding noise from the rear wheels).

Acura dealer gave an estimate of $1000+ for rotors and pads. I shopped around with local brake mechanic store who told me that Acura CL 3.0 1999 models have 3 types of brake systems. Is that true? He said the cost may vary from $400-$700 depending on the braking assembly.I don’t know what brand he is going to use.

My question is

Can I order parts from internet with OEM standards (I found a website with genuine honda warranty, everything together will costs only $400) and have them installed by a local mechanic? Or I should go with the earlier guy with 400-700 estimate,while going to a dealer is out of question?

Thank you

Please advise

Along with the rotors and brake pads, do I have to replace the calipers as well? When do generally the calipers need to be replaced in a car?

Generally, calipers never need to be replaced in a car. It really takes something quite extraordinary to damage the caliper.

However, if the car has seen some pretty heavy abuse, the piston boots could be burned up. Replacing piston boots is possible, but almost never done by shops.

thanks for the reply

i don’t know of any mechanic who will install parts you buy off the internet.

being truthful, the mechanic would have a hard time warranting the work if using parts from unknown sources. also part of the mechanics profit is the mark up of the parts they use.

if you think about it, the parts you found cost 400. the usual basic calculations for cost are double to install. so 800 is in the ball park.

the dealer is always going to cost more. find a good reputable independent mechanic (not a chain or quicky place) and go there. ask friends and co workers for references.

The caliper bushings need to be lubricated so that the calipers float properly. Calipers can be damaged if the brake fluid isn’t flushed out every few years. Brake fluid absorbs water and the water can cause rust to form on the caliper piston as well as on the inside of the caliper, but rust on the piston is the only one to be concerned with. Eventually the rubber seal will wear out and have to be replaced, but that may only be needed every 200k miles or so.

Usually a brake fluid flush with every brake job is enough but some brakes with anti-lock recommend a flush every two years. Since yours is a 99, the calipers are probably still good.

Note: the rubber seal I mentioned is not the same as the rubber boot mentioned above. The boot is external and keeps dust out of the caliper between the piston and body above the seal.