Squeeky brakes after replacement?

Two of my kids have horribly squeaky brakes. In both cases it arose after replacement with Napa premium disc brake pads. Has anyone else noticed this connection?

I’ve heard that there are more unhappy customers with ceramic pads, which are often the premium choice, because of squealing. I’ve been talked out of them by a couple parts guys.

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Were the rotors replaced/resurfaced?


replaced rotors.

Was the proper embedding procedure performed?


Well, I don’t know what that is. Smooth stops?



I’ve had HORRIBLE noise problems with Napa ceramic brake pads . . . and they were even the ultra premium, so their best of the best wasn’t good enough

I suspect until you replace the brake pads with a different brand . . . NOT Wagner thermoquiet, either, they’re also super noisey . . . the problem will remain

I have always done the brakes on our families cars and have since I started driving. I am slow and meticulous and have never had a noise problem. My last 4 or 5 brake jobs have been with ceramic pads. I have used Nissan pads, Mopar, Chevrolet, Advance , Napa cheap ones, middle of the road ones, and expensive ones. I was impressed with the stopping power of the cheapest Napa pads I used on an Olds Intrigue. Napa was out of the middle grade and I didn’t like the car enough to spend more.

I do bed the brakes in until they are smoking.