Brake Noise

1991 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight

Intermittently (normally once in a few mile drive through city traffic) I will step on the brake and it will make this vibrating noise, or rather I feel it with my foot. If I take my foot off the brake and reapply, it is gone.

I brought it to Meinecke, they tightened my rear brakes, put in some fluid and told me my brakes are fine. When I went back two days later, they said they test drove it (probably around the block) and there is no problem.

Talking to people and researching on line, I figure it is the Anti-lock brakes kicking in when they shouldn’t. So I had someone with a garage and “all the computer equipment” work on it. He said because the ABS light on the dashboard doesn’t come on, he can’t detect the problem but he did replace the master cylinder. Honestly, I don’t think these guys test drive it enough to even hear the problem.

Should I bring it to another place? Should I go to a dealership, or should I find a mechanic who will take more time to test drive it? Yes, the car stops right and is safe, but it makes me nervous to drive it.

I would suggest a good brake mechanic. there is a myriad of possibilities from a slightly warped rotor to an improperly performing caliper. It will only get worse, but with the right shop your repairs will take care of the problem. I do not think abs is the problem.