Brake Noise When Driving for First Few Minutes

When I start by 2016 Ford Escape, I usually hear noise whenever I brake. This noise will continue to go on whenever I brake for maybe 5 minutes into my drive. Its not a jarring noise. Not screeching. Not grinding. My steering wheel is fine and my brake pedal is fine. I feel like my brake is not as strong as it should be (though it might just be in my head).

The sound is hard to explain. I sort of liken it to the sound “of the ocean when you listen to a sea shell,” but maybe with a little added base. The noise is constant. No change or shift in pitch.

Any ideas what is going on? I recently purchased the car in December. (It passed inspection in December). Though I believe I need to change the brake pads for my next inspection. Only has 35000 miles.

Bring the car to an independant mechanic.He should test drive the vehicule and listen when the noise start or 5 minute into your drive.It would be nice if you included a sound clip into your post.

Good idea about taking an audio clip. I didnt think about that. I will do that. And unfortunately, by the time I get to a mechanic, the sound wouldve stopped.

In order to properly diagnose this noise.I would let the car sit at the mechanic overnight so he could listen to it when first driven in the morning.


I’ve noticed that our fleet of Escapes at my office tend to be noisy on the brakes on the first drive. Most cars will get a layer of rust on the brake rotors if you park them over night, especially if there’s any moisture involved.

I think the Escapes are just more noticeable because the sound insulation is relatively poor on those vehicles, and so you hear it a lot more readily than on other cars.