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Brake noise first time brakes are applied each day

Does this mean I need to see a mechanic. My car is a 97 buick century, 94kmiles. Rear brakes were replaced at 83k and front brakes were replaced at 80k. A few months ago, the noise began and has persisted once a day when brakes are applied first time of the day.

What kind of noise?

I think it’s a case of brake dust and rust, which would mean it isn’t your mechanic’s fault. Perhaps you can solve this problem with more expensive ceramic brake pads, but it’s a crap shoot.

How’s the weather been? Around the east coast we’ve suddenly had more than our share of rain and rotors will develop surface rust extremely quickly and produce a grinding sound on first application.

In truth, when it comes to brakes it’s always prudent to get unusual sounds checked out. Brakes are perhaps the single most critical safety system on your car, and it’s worth a few bucks to make sure they’re in good shape.

Rust. Ignore it. (Or get a “free” brake check next time you get an oil change.)

Don’t worry about it. This is normal. Metal rotors on brake pads often make this noise, its simply a small layer of rust that formed in humid/moist conditions overnight. One or two brake applications makes it go away as the rust is scrubbed away.