2004 Nissan Sentra Question

I have a 2004 Nissan Sentra that recently developed a noise problem. What it sounds like is a metal rubbing or scratching sound and it comes from the left front tire area. This sound only comes when the car is moving; I tested it to make sure by staying in neutral and revving the engine to see if I could hear anything. Nothing! It also seems to be more noticeable at lower speeds rather than at higher speeds. I am curious if anyone has an idea what this might be. Thank you for your time.

The noise might be from a brake pad wear indicator. When was the last time the brakes were inspected?


Thank you for the response. The brakes were actually fixed about a year ago. I noticed two other things that might be helpful regarding this problem. Last night when I was driving to work, I did not notice the noise at all. My feeling is that it has something to be with the temperature being lower at night (just my thoughts on the situation). Second, when you step on the brakes the noise does not become more noticeable or pronounced. I hope that this further description is useful.

Have your front brake pads checked. Sounds like the “wear indicator” which is just a metal tab is contacting the rotor which means your brake pads are just about worn out. If you keep driving the car the rotors will be damaged and you’ll need new rotors in addition to the new pads.

Wow. Makes sense. Thank you so much for your assistance.