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Brake line issues

Can someone tell me if you have to disconnect the steering linkage on the left side of a 1994 Toyota Corolla to replace the rear steel brake lines? There is a holder holding the brake lines and I don’t see how I will thread the brake line to the brake plenum without removing the line holder. The line holder has two bolts along side of the steering linkage boot and I can’t get a wrench on the bolts because of the linkage.

Cut the old line with wire-cutters near the clamp and yank the line out. Remove the rest of the line. Route the new line in the same spot. Tie-wrap the new line through the old clamp. Done.

Thanks Mustangman. If it were a single clamp I might do that. I may have misled you. It is a channel that has 5 lines thru it… It is the only way that I can keep the lines from rubbing the frame. I need to keep it in tact if at all possible.
Does anyone have the manual for a 1994 Toyota Corolla to look up the process changing fuel and brake lines. They all go through the same channel clamp and I need to replace all of the lines?

You might try here:

Many cars have PDF’d service manuals online. Some free, some cheap.