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Brake light turns on often on 2000 Toyota Camry

Hi guys,

I called the show and actually got on, but they wanted my other problem that was much funnier. So hopefully you guys on the forums can solve this problem for me.

My car’s brake light turns on often when I drive. It always happens in the morning or when my car has been parked for a while. Also, the light comes on when I make “high g-force” turns (such as exiting the freeway with offramps that do a 180-degree turn).

Hopefully this is not a problem with my actual hand brake but, rather, a problem with the indicator light.


Arrrrrh, I was going to say that!! And hopefully, it’s not low brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder reservoir!

You may be slightly low on brake fluid. As the brakes wear the fluid level drops and turns on the light. It maybe time for a brake job.