Brake issues - ABS?

Hey guys,

I didn’t drive my 95 Saturn SW1 for about two and a half months. When I fired it up for the first time, it’s running fine BUT the anti-lock brakes seem to be permanently on(as if i was pumping the brakes any time i depressed the brake pedal). Can anyone please tell me what’s wrong? Is it the ABS module?

Most likely an imbalance due to rust on the rotors. There should be a spot on each rotor surface with less rust than the rest of the rotor surface, about the shape of your brake pad. This smooth area and the rough area is causing the vibration you feel. You may need to get the rotors resurfaced if the vibration doesn’t go away after a few days.

Thank you so much for the quick reply. Unfortunately I am no longer driving it, just looking to sell it. Is there any way for me to confirm this is the problem without driving it? Again, major thanks!!!

You don’t sell '95 Saturn’s with brake problems. You donate them…

Check your tire pressure and get the car up to 50-60 mph and stop it a few times and see if it straightens out…

Pull the wheel and look at the rotor. You’ll see what I mean. If the brake rotor looks something like this, it’s the rust:

Notice the not so rusty spot on the bottom. It’s this change in rustiness that causes the vibration.

You’ll need to either drive off the rust as Caddyman mentions below, or do a brake job and turn the rotors to fix it.

And, no, that is not me.