Antilock pulsing Saab 9-5 linear 2004 5-speed manual

The anti lock brakes are almost always pulsing/growling even on dry road stops, straight or turning.

Temperature does not make a difference.

Happens in all seasons and with both summer tires/wheels and with winter tires/wheels.

No error-codes in computer. Sounds like growly juice-harp, feels vibration in pedals. help!? Good Saab mechanic cannot ID problem.

Earlier SAAB 9-5 / 9-3 had problems with their ABS modules, but the later ones are pretty reliable; however since your ABS seems to be operating (but way too often) my guess is that you have a bad sensor or chaffed wire in the sensor harness that is making the computer think that one or more wheels are locking up. You don’t indicate that you have any codes or speedometer problems, so given that I’d lean toward a bad ABS wheel sensor. If it were my car, I’d buy a ABS sensor first, install it on one wheel and see if the problem goes away. If not, I’d then move it to the other front wheel. If the problem persists, I’d then buy a rear ABS sensor (front and rear are different) and repeat the process. Each sensor can be had for about $60 each or less and the replacement is dead easy - one small bolt and one electrical connector. If the ABS sensor swaps don’t work, have a SAAB shop look at the ABS module; not much else it can be. Good luck.