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Brake Issue

2009 Malibu had normal brake replacements. Front brakes began squeling. Mechanic said there was a lot of dirt, cleaned.
Still squeling. Claiming that the brakes were getting hot due to weather. Well now it is cool still squeling. He said brakes
are in real good shape. Why are they squeling… never had this problem before he said they don’t make the brakes
like they use to ok to drive because brakes are in good shape…I don’t understand.

Print out the following thread for your mechanic. Possibilities are:

  1. Bent dust shield scraping against rotor. Fix is to bend the dust shield back away from the rotor.

  2. He installed cheap pads. See the post below where installing ceramic pads fixed the squeal.

Thank you, I will do that. Have been going to this shop for years. I am concerned.
Will let you know what happens. Thanks again

PS…I edited my post above to include the link about the dust shield and the ceramic pads.

I recommend AC Delco brakes

I have had far more noise complaints when using aftermarket brakes

I use akebono ceramic brake pads and have no squeal problems. I have them on all 3 of my cars.

The issue is that when the brake pads are pressed against the rotor, they vibrate. The vibration is transfered to the calipers, caliper mounts, the struts and then the body. When all this starts vibrating, you hear the squeal.

The solution is to isolate the vibrations from the caliper and that is done by using either shims between the pads and the caliper or by coating the back of the brake pads with an absorption material. Cheap pads usually are not coated or come with shims. The mechanic either has to find the correct shims or apply a coating such as Moly77 grease or any number of available anti squeal compounds to the backsides of the pads.