Brake fluid


Lately make brakes have seemed a little off; I have to extra pressure to the pedal at the end of a stop with I hadn’t had to do in the past.

The car is a Fusion w/ 11k. I honestly haven’t checked the brake fluid in awhile which leads to my question. While checking it today, the fluid is about a quarter of an inch below the “max” mark. There is now minimum mark, and the manual is no help. Is 1/4 below the full mark an issue?


I wish this site had an edit feature! I meant to say there isn’t any minimum mark.javascript:void(0);


I’d be very surprised if 1/4" was a problem. You might take it in to the dealer to have the brakes checked, I assume it’s still under warranty.


There’s probably a light that comes on when the fluid gets below the minimum level.

Your car won’t use brake fluid unless there’s a leak (in most cases, this would also result in a loss of hydraulic pressure), but as the brake pads wear, it allows the pistons in the brake calipers to extend further, effectively increasing the size of the hydraulic system and so the amount of fluid in the reservoir goes down. Going down a quarter is probably normal for 11k of brake wear, depending on what kind of driving you do.

But if you are having some sort of brake problem, I wouldn’t hesitate to bring it in (It’s still under warranty, right?). Brakes aren’t something to leave to chance.


Thanks, I’m bringing it in next week anyway to have the alignment looked for the 5TH TIME! I’m just asking prior to bringing it in because the dealer is incompetent. Unfortunately, it’s the only one close.

One other thing, lately the brakes have been squealing loudly only when backing out of the driveway in the morning.


Thank you both for your quick and helpful responses!


You can find out if there is a light in the owner’s manual.