lost brake pedal today,little fuild in master

fill master,bleed brakes test in driveway,not on road replace master if not fixed

I am going to guess that your question is either:
What happened?
What do I do now?

Clearly, you have a leak in the brake hydraulic system, and/or your brake pads are worn down to a nub. When brake pads are badly worn, the calipers draw extra fluid from the master cylinder, depleting the level in the MC. Both are dangerous situations.

If I were you, I would:

Check the Owner’s Manual, to determine the type of brake fluid required for your car.
Refill the MC with fluid and observe how the pedal feels and reacts to foot pressure.
Try moving the car a few feet VERY slowly, to see how the brakes react when you apply them hard.
Recheck the MC to see if the fluid level fell.
If the brakes feel 100% “normal”, drive very slowly to a reliable independent mechanic (NOT to Midas, Meineke, Sears, or any other chain operation).
If the brakes do not feel 100% normal, or if the fluid level fell from your first few brake applications, DO NOT drive the car. Have it towed to a mechanic.

Good luck!

stopped short at a light lost brakes

after i lost brakes,drove car home with rear brakes only low fluid,i think a hose on the front wheels blow,if so would you replace both hoses on the front.

You need to find out exactly why the brakes failed. If one section of rubber brake line failed, I’d suggest replacing all the rubber brake lines on the front and rear of the car. Then bleed all four wheels and you should be good to go.

If you’re gonna take it to a mechanic, have it towed. It’s too dangerous for you and those around you for you to drive it anywhere.

I’m thankful rubber brake lines were mention above. The quality is much higher now than the day (1958) I sailed off into a corn field instead of my grave. And of course we’ve had a dual system for long time. Anyway, they’re on the list of things easy to forget. Ask the oil change guy if he did the quick look every time.

The rear brakes could be worn out and the pistons went out to the end of the bore. This will cause all the brake fluid to be lost. The brake reservoir has one compartment and a slight rise in the middle. Tow er in.