Brake Fluid Flush

My 2005 Nissan Sentra frant brakes are starting to act a little tight. Went to my Universal Nissan dealer for service today. There recommendation was:

Brake Fluid Flush $129.95

Right Lower Control Arm $404.00

Wheel Alignment $115

Trans Flush $155

Power Steering Flush 124

Fuel induction Service $174

In that order. Since I have a limited budget are all these a necessity.

They also said the brakes were in good shape. Front brakes lining were 7mm and the backs were 8mm

Are all necessary? Almost certainly not. Sounds like the dealer needs to make a few boat/alimony payments.

Furthermore, it’s not obvious that any of those would actually fix the one problem you noticed with the brakes.

What do you mean by the brakes acting “a little tight?”

Brake fluid flush: yes, but not because of your symptoms. It should be routine maintenance.

Right Lower Control Arm: need to know more. Can you elaborate?

Wheel alignment: if it needs a lower control arm, or if the tire wear is uneven or inconsistant, defintely.

Trans flush: check your owner’s manual.

Power Steering Flush: no.

Fuel induction service: not unless you’re having an operating problem.

They seem to be grinding a little, sometimes making a noise

They listed the tire tread as all “6” 32nds. The right control are maybe the noise I hear or part of the braking issue. not sure. Never have heard of a Control are issue.

None of the services they recommended are going to address that problem. It may be as simple as a brake dust shield that’s bent and sometimes touching the brake disc, or a sticky caliper.

If I were you I’d find a local mechanic you can trust and have him deal with the brake problem. The dealer is just trying to sell you stuff.

I agree 95% with the same mountainbike. If you have an automatic transmission, and it has not seen service in the past three years, I would recommend a transmission fluid change along with cleaning the filter even if it is not listed in the owner’s manual. I also would do the brake flush.

All those other flushes tend to point to boat payments.

You were not at a quick oil change joint were you?

No went to my local nissan Dealer in Universal City, California. I just bought the car, used at ford dealership in October. It has been great except for the brake issue.

Is it possible that since you did not buy the car new from the Nissan dealer and they may not see you ever buying new from them, they want you to go away to let others servid your car unless they can make a good amount of money from you?