Fluid flush vs. drain

I drive a 2004 nissan sentra with 109000 miles on it. i went to get the oil changed and the mechanic told me i should get a “preventive maintenance package” if i want to keep my car for a while (which i do!) this included flushes of the following fluids: brake, power steering, coolant, auto transmission, fuel induction. for $570… so since i really want to keep my car running for 200,000+ miles, should i get all these fluids flushed, or are they trying to sell me more than i need? also, my brother always says that flushes are bad because they kick everything up and that i should just have them drained and replaced. who’s right?

Drain and replace. Flushing is not necessary, a revenue generator for the businesses. More bad can happen than good.

You may have had a brake fluid flush at your last brake change, The guy I have do my brakes makes it a regular practice. If you are due for new brake soon you could have it done then. Coolant and trans if never done is overdue. Myself would check the power steering fluid and would tend to leave it alone if it is ok, but I can learn new stuff everyday. good question. Looking forward to more responses on the Fuel thing also.

The maintenance plan in your owner’s manual should ell you how often these services should be performed. The AT fluid is usually about 100,000 miles unless you drive short distances or stop-and-go. Then it’s around 30,000 or so. The brake fluid should be around 40,000 miles. The coolant is about ready for a change. The others probably are OK, but check the manual. If they aren’t listed, then there is likely no need to do it unless there is a problem.

Read your owner’s manual. Likely you need brake fulid changed (normally every two or three years, it is not mileage reated.

Many manuals don’t list or list too many miles/years for automatic tramsmission fluid changes. I suggest no more than 40,000 miles.

Trans and radiator flushes are bad, just drain and refill with CORRECT fluids.
Brakes need to suck out old fluid under hood then bleed all brake lines until new fluid get threw.
Sounds like you went to quick lube place, watch out! You need to find a good local shop you can trust.
Ask friends and go to cartalk.com they have machanic files where people leave feedback with zip code areas.
They can suck out power steering fluid and unhook line at pump and bleed until new fluid shows up.
Within a day I always look or have someone look at trans pan,break bleeder screws for proof work was done.
Fuel induction normally does not need anything because of cleaners in gas unless you have Idle or full power miss, then clean throttle body and injectors.