Transmission and Brake Flush?


My mechanic says I need new brakes and transmission and brake flush. My car is a 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE with 97K. I have not done much maintenance other than oil changes and new tires. Cost for front brakes and rotors seems fair, $370, but the trans flush $175 and brake flush $119 seem high? I am not sure if these things are actually needed?


You did not identify where you live geographically so it is hard to say if your pricing is fair. Both seem high for the area I live in (western NY state). The trans flush is not essential and some would say it is potentially harmful. A simple drain and fill with a filter replacement should be fine (and cheaper). The brake flush should be done now if it has never been done since brake fluid is hygroscopic and will absorb moisture over time. This leads to internal corrosion of your brakes as well as lower boiling point of your brake fluid which could lead to sudden catastrophic brake power reduction at a critical moment. Flushing every 3 years or so will keep you out of trouble.


Ask your mechanic if the tranny “flush” includes a new filter. If he claims a filter is not needed, pass on the flush.

As for the brakes, since he has the wheels off anyway, the labor for the brake flush overlaps the brake job labor. A brake fluid change is a good idea, but $50 extra is enough to pay…$420 including a fluid change…


Agree with above post. No sure if this Nissan has antilock brakes, but brake lines should at least be drained and the system refilled when you have abrake job done. Other items fall in the category “if the car is on the hoist, it’s time to push extras”. Refuse the trans flush; you just need a fluid and filter change, and any adjustments the transmisssion may need. I would have this done at a transmission shop, not a brake shop. A brake job should INCLUDE the price of bleeding the lines and putting new fluids in. Looks like this shop uses modular pricing from the computer. I once had a brake job done and asked for a tire rotation, and was charged $20 extra for moving the 10 feet to put them on different wheels.

For reference, my wife’s Sentra has gone 115,000 miles and has had 2 transmission fluid & filter services, as well as 2 brake jobs.


As mentioned here a million times, consult the owners manual, and follow the maintenance schedule for fluid changes.