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Brake fluid cap won't open

I have a 2011 honda accord and removed the brake fluid cap just fine to check it, in about October but I went to check it again today and the cap won’t come off, I wonder if it’s becasue of the cold weather? (36 f) It came off so easy last time I don’t remember which way to turn it, and if I should press up or down when turning. The cap will rotate about a quarter inch eithor way, then won’t go any farther. It hits these little white plastic peices stopping it from going farther.

Here is a picture of what it looks like if you try to turn it left it gets caught on that little white plastic piece on the bottom and there is a similar piece stopping it from going right.

Have you squeezed the cap while turning? The tabs on the reservoir appear to block the tabs on the cap from turning and pinching the cap on the space between the tabs may allow it to turn.

Yes I tried squeezing it. Do you know if it should be turned left or right?

Lefty-loosey righty-tighty

That’s what I would have figured but I seem to remember last time I did it I though I turned it right, and in this video it looks like they turn it right to open it.

Nope, it looks like they turn it to the left (counter clockwise), probably push down while doing it. They do it when the towel is on the cap.

Take a closer look at it, they clean it off with the towel, remove the towel, then start to turn the cap right then cut the video.


Double Nope- If it actually turned to the right ( to remove ) just think how many would be broken by mechanics.

So how come mine won’t come off?

The top was turned counter-clockwise to remove. It’s very easy to see on my computer screen.

You have to push down firmly, then turn. But not too hard, it’s a plastic tank.

Look at 1:26, it clearly turns to the left (counter-clockwise) like every other cap does. Those are just locking tabs so maybe push down a little as turning or just use more force. You maybe didn’t get it on straight last time. But then why are you removing the cap to check the fluid level? You can see the level through the side and it is marked where the level should be.

I wonder if it's becasue of the cold weather?

Yep, I just tried this in my cold garage on my Honda…quite difficult to get off. Trust us on this.

It sounds like it is just sticking. OP could take a portable hair dryer out there, put it on “low” and heat the cap up a little. Might loosen things up a little. I have to do that sometime on that plastic cap that goes on the coolant overflow tank on my Corolla when it is cold.

Should I push down as turning or pull up? And how much force should it take?

Rotate the cap counter clockwise 45 degrees, when it hits the stops that you mentioned lift the cap off. The cap may be tight to pull off due to the cold.

Push, then turn.

Get the engine warm and shut it off for two minutes, then open the hood and try removing the cap. If you want to check the level, hold a flashlight against the plastic side. You don’t want to break the reservoir.

It works like one of those child-proof safety caps. Sometimes they are also adult-proof.