Brake/clutch longevity

i have 125,000 miles on my 06 Mazda 6, running original brakes and clutch. wondering how many miles others have gotten b4 replacement. on my previous cars brakes went about now, clutch around 150,000

You must be very easy on your brakes. If you are as easy on the clutch it should make it to 150K and perhaps beyond.

Most people get about 50,000-60,000 miles out of a set of brakes. You are well overdue on the brakes. As for the clutch, that depends entirely on your driving style, some drivers get a clutch job done every 3-4 years while others, like my brother, still have the original clutch on their 20 year old cars.

I would take it to a good mechanic (not a chain) and have everything checked out. Based on your past driving experience, you appear to be an above average driver with respect to treating the vehicle gently.

I agree. 125K on original brakes is outstanding. Have you ever had them inspected?

yep. at 100,000 miles my mechanic said there was about 25% pad life left. i’m planning to replace all 4 pads at 130,000 if they don’t start squealing before then. if i remember right i replaced all 4 on my previous car, an Acura Integra, at 125,000. i do a lot of highway driving so my brake use is much less than normal.

For brakes I’m typically about 60,000 front and 120,000 rear. Mostly highway miles.

The only clutch I ever wore out I got 295,000 miles out of…and that includes having taught two kids on it. Actually, my daughter had been driving it for a few years when the clutch finally did go, but I figure it might have gone anyway.

In highway service, clutches can last a long time…