Dirty brake fluid change or not change

the toyota repair shoppe where i have taken my '89 corolla for previous work said my brake fluid was dirty they charge $70 for a brake fluid flush- when i called a couple of other places it was $30-$50! should I have my brake fluid changed? and is there something i need to watch out for @ the cheep place?

i dont really trust them too much but i cant afford $70–can they mess up my car doing this? how can they only chrge me $30?

Yes, it’s a good idea to change (flush) the brake fluid.

“how can they only chrge me $30?”

They can’t, unless they don’t really flush the system. They might just suck the fluid out with a turkey baster, replace it, and call that changing the brake fluid. When you check the fluid in the master cylinder, it LOOKS clean…

Brake fluid should generally be changed about every two or three years no matter what it looks like.  Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air and it does not function properly once it gets too much moisture in it.  You normally will not notice any problems until some day when your brakes fail so getting it changed is good.  

Sorry I can't help you with a reasonable cost since I don't recall what mine cost the last time I had it done.  I believe something like $75.00.  That was at a dealer, so I suspect it was higher than most.   I had it done there since while I know they cost more, I had to have something else done there and I do trust this particular dealer.

If at every oil change the master cylinder is emptied with a turkey baster and refilled with fresh fluid, then the bleeders left open while in the air, the fluid will always be bright and many hydraulic failures will be avoided. But don’t expect that kind of service for $18.99.

It should be done at each brake pad change. I don’t see a need to do it sooner than that unless your brakes last forever. I just did mine, brake pads and brake fluid flush after 5 years and 138k miles.

f you didn’t have the brake fluid flushed when you last had your pads replaced, you should have. If it has been a while since the pads have been replaced, maybe you should have them checked.

repair shoppe? No wonder its $70.

You drive almost as many miles as I do! I still flush mine every two years due to the hygroscopic nature of the fluid. I use the best quality synthetic fluid and do it myself so it rarely costs me more than five or six bucks. This is an easy job for even a beginner. Just start with the wheel furthest from the master cylinder and work your way toward it. If you must take it to a shop go to a place you trust, not a “discount brake emporium”. Your brakes are all that save you from certain death every day so you NEVER want to go cheap on them.

i change my brake fluid yearly made tool that makes job easy helps keep bleeders in good shape also use anti seize on bleeders on one vehicle 1985 nissan 200sx still have stock brakes (except pads and rotors) changing brake fluid is good maintenance

how do rotors get “uneven” and calipers"Sticky", w/signs of “overheating” on an '89 corolla-?-when 10,000 miles ago at a different repair shop–the front brakes were: “relined”, rotors “replaced”, the system supposedly flushed and i was also charged $35 for an “anti-rattle spring kit”(what’s that?) ?? i paid $290 for that job and the current repair shop wants $5-600 to redo the fronts!! I should add that I live on a hill & so the brakes are used possibly more than those on the flats. The current estimate of up to $600 sounds way out there–thanks for any clarification/help!