Brake Bleeding with ABS


Is it possible to bleed the brake system of an ABS vehicles w/o a power bleeder and/or scan tool to cyle the ABS? A have a home-brew vacuum bleeder, but not a power bleeder.

I’ve bench-bled the master cylinder, but I think there is still air in the ABS unit.

The vehicle in question is a 97 Chrysler Town and Country with 4-wheel ABS.




[b]If there’s air in the ABS unit, you’ll need a scan tool to bleed the brakes.

  1. Bleed the base brakes in a sequence recommended by the manufacturer.

  2. Connect the scan tool, and command the ABS controller to go into the bleed mode.

  3. Bleed the base brakes again.

That’s it!



Thanks for the reply!

I’ve been meaning to buy a scan tool anyway, so I guess this is a good exscuse :slight_smile:


I’ve bled brakes in my '97 expedition before usinga length of tubing into a baby food jar, and a partner pumping the brakes w/ no problems. I now have a vacuum gun that works great. Piece o pie.


I don’t think just any engine scan tool will scan a Chrysler ABS system. Mr. Tester?


[b]You’re going to need a scan tool for ABS systems. A regular OBDII scan tool won’t access the ABS controller. ABS scan tools are not cheap!