Brake and master cylinder

I had the master cylinder change on a 92 honda accord EX the calibers change and, the master cylinder I have been told does not have any way to adjust the stem on the master cylinder so the brake man ajusted the brake pedal but the brakes are still freezing up. What can I do helpppppp. It is an automatic

You should tell the “brake man” to actually fix the brakes rather than just replacing parts for you.

If what you mean is that your brakes don’t release after you take your foot off the pedal, then either one or both of the “new” calipers is defective and/or you need new flexible brake hoses at each wheel.

Your mechanic took your money and did not fix the car. What is the car doing? Please explain

The adjustment is on the brake pedal pushrod going into the brake booster. Having just done one, I can see why your brake man doesn’t want to mess with it. It takes a special tool.