Boxter front luggage compartment unlocks without warning

My car is a 2001 Porsche Boxter S with 41 K miles. The Boxter has both front and rear luggage compartments, both of which can be unlocked from the key remote. Recently a strange problem developed. The luggage compartment lid warning light came on during driving, because the front compartment lid had spontaneously unlocked, leaving the lid secured only by the safety catch. This repeated multiple times over two days, and on the second day the same lid began to release whenever I would use the key remote to unlock the car doors. The rear lid worked fine.

I drove to the Porsche service and demonstrated the problem to the service manager. They kept it overnight to work on the next day. However, the next morning the problem had resolved and they could try caused either problem to recur! Both lids have worked perfectly for several weeks.

I have no clue how this could happen. Do you?

I don’t know. You might also post this on one (or more) Porsche forums, you’ll have better luck finding someone who might have run into this problem.

Have you examined your remote very carefully? Is the button jammed or is a bit of something stuck between the button and the frame of the remote? Is the battery failing?

I like wentwest’s theory.
Another possibility is that your Boxster is mounting a silent protest until you begin to spell his name correctly. These cars are easily offended.