Haunted car?

My 2000 Forester has a very strange problem. Suddenly, and without warning, the central locks go off every minute or so, unlocking and relocking the doors. Also, an interior light goes on.

I’ve disabled the problem (temporarily) by pulling the fuse for the central door locks. However, I really want to fix the problem.

My first theory is a poltergeist. However, I’m too cheap to hire a paranormal investigator. My second theory is that it’s a problem with the sensor for the keyless remote (which we lost a long time ago). However, I’m too cheap to hire a mechanic.

My question is, is there a simple way to bypass the remote (or cut it off) to eliminate this problem and/or figure out if it really is the problem? I’d rather have the central locking feature back, but I don’t need the keyless entry system anymore.


I think the problem is due to dirty lock switch contacts. It could be the lock switch on the inside door or it might be the switch inside the door panel that is activated by the key. To prove it is the trouble you could try disconnecting them for brief time. I would suspect the driver’s side door first.

Check out Ebay for replacement keyfobs at a good price. They are really handy to have.

By chance there isn’t a lock/unlock switch in the rear of the car that might be getting bumped by something moving around back there is there. Don’t ask how I know about that (after troubleshooting for way too long)

Is this a follow up from another post? Is so, I still suspect the wiring. Go back to the other post for my recommendations.