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Both caliper bracket guide pin holes should be moving freely right?

The car is a 2006 Hyundai Tucson. I got some new guide pins since they were rusty and on both sides the top guide pin moves real good, lubed and all. But the bottom one doesn’t at all, even lubing and putting new ones in, as a matter of fact to take it out I had to knock it out.

So the problem here would be the hole inside of the bracket right?

Yes. Both guide pins should slide.

What I do is get the right size drill bit that fits in the hole where the pin slides, and clean out the hole where the pin doesn’t slide.


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Yeah I was wondering how to clean the inside. I tried wrapping sandpaper around screwdriver the other day but no success.

I’ll try a drill bit tomorrow.

Try something like this . . . find one that is sized appropriately, and I think you’ll achieve acceptable results. There’s probably a lot of corrosion and dried up grease in the holes