Bosch Auxiliary Air Valve, part number 0280140145

Dear Click And Clack?

?listen to you show regularly, and I enjoy it every week.

I have been driving 1987 VW Golf for more than fifteen years. This car has many troubles but I have figure out so far.

Recently I found that an Auxiliary Air Valve that this car has is not working well.

On the many web site, many parts seller show that they have this valve, but actually they do not have it. I asked VW dealers that exist near me of course.

If you know any parts sellers that have this Valve, will you let me know?

VW Parts number is 049 133 453, also this is Bosch Auxiliary Air Valve 0280140145.

In Germany, they may have it. But I can? t buy it since I can?t read Germany.

And there are several Bosch Auxiliary Air Valve only the number are different. Am I able to use those valves tuning air and fuel? If you know, will you let me know?


Kaoru Matsuzawa

I googled Bosch Auxiliary Air Valve 0280140145 and found it no problem.
Here, for example