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1999 VW emissions part location

Can anyone tell me exactly where to look to locate my evaporative purge control valve on my 1999 VW GTI AEG 2.0 non turbo engine?

It’s under the hood near the front side of the passenger strut tower. Black or grey plastic.
2 wire electrical connector. Before replacing be sure to very carefully check the hard (plastic) pipes and T’s that connect to it, remove, clean, inspect closely while flexing them gently to reveal any small cracks.

Thanks, I thought it should be near or on the air cleaner.

In case you come back to my post, I think I may also have a leak detection pump that has gone awry or maybe related to the purge valve problem. Do you know what it looks like and where to look for it?

Not sure what you mean by a leak detection pump?? Air pump? If you think there may be multiple issues w/the evap sys. you may want to find a mechanic to do a proper inspection of the whole system. I probably would start w/propane for leak detection, fix any if found and then if needed remove and test suspected system components.

Thanks for the advice.

Back by the gas tank. If this pump failed there would be a code generated. Were you speaking of the purge solenoid when you said “near or on the air cleaner”? Looking for leaks in the EVAP system with propane? couple of things I can think of why that is not the traditional way it is done.

I suppose the proper terminology is “evaporative cannister purge valve” of which mine appears to be forward of the passenger side strut. The valve seems to be stuck open.
The codes generated so far have been non specific for evaporative system and apparently no one I know around here has the proper VW scan tool.
I am going to take the car in to a VW specialist and have him go over the whole system.

You had me fooled, I thought you were looking for the leak detection pump,you write “I think I may also have a leak detection pump that has gone awry”.

I also wanted to know the location of that leak detection pump because of the eery noise I have been experiencing. My manual mentions it as part of the emissions control system but does not show any diagrams or have any written detailed description of its functionality.
Search under “eery bird chirping noise” on 4/17 for that thread.

The leak detection pump aids in checking the evaporative emissions system for leaks( what would be leaking is the vapors from the gas tank or these same vapors in the tubing and other evaporative emission components)) The EPA wants to keep theses vapors out of the air. It seems like most manufactures do not design evaporative emissions system components with high quality as one of the design parameters. These pumps can fail to run or the fittings can break off. These pumps are controled by a software program that runs them up to pre-determined levels and they do it more than once for each start event in some cars.

Propane works for me. 1st w/the diag. every time and haven’t blown anything up yet. great for vac. and boost leak issues too. It’s fun and dangerous, try it sometime os