Boom Car Shaking Apart

I read a really hilarious spoof about one of those cars that you can hear ten miles away shaking apart from the vibrations from the speakers. My first thought was “poetic justice!” but a little research turned up lots of vibration problems but no actual instances of this happening. Still, it would be great if it did. Maybe it could happen on the cartoon?

Maybe the manufacturers could add a sensor to shut down the car anytime it senses that kind of noise. It could be considered a safety feature to protect the hearing of those in the car and peace for those outside.

Glass Half Empty

A while ago, my son told me that a kid he knew had a large hole in the hatchback of his car where the glass used to be. His big boomy woofers, below the window, got the glass reverberating so much that it took the window right out.

I would say “maybe it could happen to the cartoon”