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What is name of car part?

What is the name of the plastic shield-like thing under the engine and seems to be a cover of some sort. It is hanging down on my car. Could this cause the car to seem to vibrate at highway speeds but not at slower speeds?

splash guard

Belly pan splash guard etc…

Thank you.

Could this cause the car to seem to vibrate at highway speeds but not at slower speeds?

I guess it sort of depends on what you mean by “seem to vibrate” - it could make a vibrating sound. But it is very unlikely (impossible?) that it would produce any noticeable vibration in the car itself.

If it got to flapping in the breeze at highway speeds, sure it could impart a vibration to the car. I’ve met cars with splash guards flapping. It’s called flutter in the world of aerodynamics. If an airplane’s wing goes into flutter mode, it’s probably about to break off. That will ruin the passenger’s day. Thankfully it is VERY rare.

I’ve just always driven little econoboxes & have had plenty of loose & flapping splash shield episodes without any vibration - all of that metal and weight against a little bit of plastic? I won’t rule it out, but structurally speaking its a long way from an airplane wing.

This reminds me of a joke we used to play on FNG’s here in the Army. We find parts left behind by blowed up planes, tanks, trucks, and all manner of cool blowed up stuff laying around. When a new private or lieutenant arrives at the unit, we’ll use 100mph tape (the military equivalent of duct tape) to secure - sort of - the mystery part to the bottom of a HMMWV. Then, inevitably, the part falls off with an impressive racket. The FNG will stop, retrieve the part - usually an errant part of a completely unrelated vehicle - then wonder where it goes and how to reattach it. Some succeed. It’s the cordite. It does things to you.