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BOO hoo

I have two wires underneath the dash and knee-kicker panel that have come loose. One is to the BOO (Brake On Off) Switch, the other is not. (I think it’s Left Side lights, but I’m not positive; schematics are a little fuzzy.) The problem is both wires are the same coloring (Black with light green striping), and have come loose from the soldered connections. How can I tell which wire goes where to get this fixed?

You know what else is a little fuzzy? The year of this Sable!


sorry, it’s a 2000. I can’t take any more problems on it… it’s turning into many straws on this camel’s back.

It’s a Sable. You may as well either accept you’ll have problems like this or get rid of the car. My neighbor’s 1999 Sable has been a constant problem and ever growing money pit.

If the wiring schematics are no help, you’ll need to trace the wire yourself. I’d see if it was and active ground with a multimeter before going further.