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Boneyard Terminology Question

So, I need an EGR line. So, I go and look up a junkyard, find their prices, and they have nothing for the EGR line (manifold to EGR valve.) Long story why I need it… but I need it.

Anyway, junkyard says $13 for “EGR tree.” What is that? Doesn’t seem like the line, but maybe it is. Yhe other options are egr valve and… forget the other option, bit not what I need… I guess I could ask junkyard, but I kinda have that man-thing going, I don’t wanna ask and look stupid, so I’ll ask millions on here…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Take the part with you to the junk yard or parts store and let them see it. We can’t see it and don’t even know what year or engine you have. Being manly means asking people who know for help so you don’t waste time.

Is this it? Doorman calls it an “EGR tube”.


Yep, that’s the part, right one too. I know it’s an EGR line/tube… just wondering what in the world these junkyards call an EGR Tree…wondering if it’s the entire EGR system, because it’s double the price than the other 2 EGR compliments. From Pick-n-Pull online, if anyone is familiar.

I don’t hesitate to ask for directions. What does that make me? Practical?

Never heard the phrase. Ask the junkyard. Forget the 'man-thing". The ones that ask questions are the smart ones.

Maybe it’s actually an EGR TEE rather than EGR tree. A vacuum t-fitting associated w/ the EGR valve.

Tube is rubber, right? If so, a really poor candidate for a junkyard part.

The best candidates are things like mirrors: they don’t typically “wear out”; they work until you break them. As such, a used one ought to be nearly as good as a new one.

A rubber hose, exposed to engine heat, tends to age poorly. I wouldn’t go to a junkyard to pull “soft” parts like that. I’d go to get a rim, but not to get a tire, if you follow.

No, the EGR tube isn’t rubber. See above post about the EGR line/tube from
Dorman. It’s all metal. Rubber wouldn’t stand up to the pressure, let
alone the heat.