Bolstering optimism

The Milford, PA, police department is trying to help everyone in that part of NE PA to keep their collective chins up.



Sorry for flaming. No I’m not.

Milford is on the Northeast edge of Pennsylvania Dutch country, but it’s south of Allentown.

I agree with the sentiment, though. :+1:

I went to college near Allentown, and the ABE area is the dividing line between NE and SE PA.

I’m sorry, but you are incorrect.
Milford, PA is located in the PA’s NE corner, directly adjacent to both NJ and NY.

I am exactly, precisely, and 100% correct. Apparently, we both are! The Milford I raved over is just west of Quakertown. Leave it to Pennsylvania to have the same name for more than one town.

You must be referring to Milford Square ( a census-designated place), in Milford Township.

A census-designated place is not a legally-constituted entity.

In my state, there are at least 4 places called “Franklin”, and there are even more that are called “Washington”. However, most of them are merely census-designated villages that have no official legal status as a municipality.

Just to give you an idea about a “census designated place”, a few miles south of my house is the bucolic village of Kingston, NJ. This settlement–which dates back to the early 18th century–wound up at the confluence of three modern townships, and three counties.
Because that village is divided among three municipalities and three counties, it exists on a unofficial basis, with no municipal government of its own, and no police force of its own. It is merely a “census-designated place”.

South Jersey has similar situations.

Well, not to make things complicated, but I was thinking of MIlford, CT.

Nothing wrong with being optimistic.Difficult for me now though, as we only have masks for ~ one week, and other supplies are short too.

Lived in Milford Ohio, not that it is related, heard stress lowers your immune system, so I like bolstering optimism, because it may help you survive

Would not Milford Township be an officially designated place?

I find that in my area, a great many people don’t know where they live, Mailing addresses cause a lot of confusion. Where you live is where the taxes are paid and not where the post office that delivers you mail is.

We jave one village , Williamsville, about one square mile and 5000 popu;ation, in the town of Amherst, 54 square miles and 122000 population. However The largest school district in Amherst iis the Williamsville dostrict as is the largest postal district. For most of my life there was no Amherst postal district, part pf the town was served by a different county.

If you ask half of the people of Amherst where they live, they will say Williamsville.

Wow! Arguing over whether a settlement is a city, town, or “census designated place” ?

Lighten up! This will all pass. Get a hobby or find something constructive to do!

Actually, I believe nearly all states have at least one Milford something or other, but who cares? I don’t! This is the topic: Bolstering Optimism

You guys are making me think about stocking up on ammunition. I’m not as optimistic after reading this discussion. It could be a long haul and to start out with such petty bickering is insane. :grimacing:
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Oh, CSA, I think even without COVID-19 we have had some petty bickering. But I agree with @common_sense_answer … let’s not let it get out of hand.


I’m extremely gruntled and very optimistic and not ready or willing to argue with anybody. We just returned from a walk on the beach and a swim in the Gulf, where there were very few people, and everybody was extremely happy and friendly. This virus scare has really reduced crowds and traffic like I’ve never seen, bad for some, good for others.

My recommendation for everybody is to be sure and get fresh air, move around outdoors and soak in some Vitamin D outside in the sun. It’s quite possible to do this while maintaining a safe “social distance” as we just did.
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I would like to hit the beach but the big brains on the east side decided to close all beach side parking and public parks on the beach. I guess to discourage spring breakers. Plus Cocoa Beach just started a no alcohol on the beach, big fine if caught.

If this was the “Ask someone” page I would say ‘spring brakers’.


I was waiting for someone to say that!

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Mrs. Triedaq and I hadn’t started our three mile fitness walk outdoors until this past Friday. During the winter months and on rainy days we walk around the concourse of the basketball arena at the university from which we retired. We intended to walk there Friday, but the county closed the facility. We then decided to walk outdoors. Our local mall where a lot of people walk is now closed due to the corona virus. I have to walk to try to slow down the aging process because I can’t stretch my social security check far enough to allow me to purchase Geritol ®.
I am glad to see signs that spring is coming. I am ready to be outdoors.

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There’s a sign up where I work: “Keep calm and wash your hands.” Kinda says it all.

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Video gone viral! (Wait, can I still say that? :thinking:)

Neil Diamond remakes hit to help with all the fear and panic going around.
It is bolstering optimism and it’s great. :grinning:

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