Bogus Battery Puzzler Answer

The recent Puzzler answer, about why batteries start up cars more quickly now than years ago, is bogus. The posted answer is ‘because engines are smaller, so the batteries have an easier job’. Nope, it all comes down to electronic fuel injection, that makes all the difference!

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2 my 3 cars have larger engines than my cars from 40 years ago. All start much quicker with electronic ignitions and fuel injection.

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I think motor oil has something to do with it as well. 5W20 flows a lot better than 10W40 when it’s cold.


That puzzler may have been from 25 years ago which might have had some validity at that time.
The neighbor might have even been thinking about six volt systems, though our 52 Studebaker Champion was reliable sitting outside in Wisconsin winters,

But, I do agree current fuel and ignition systems make our vehicles start reliably.

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True, but even 25 years ago, 1996, electronic fuel injection and ignition was the rule, so I’m sticking by ‘bogus’.

You guys are right, but in addition the engines do turn over easier also because the newer piston rings cause less friction than older ones. This helps the engines to get better gas mileage also burn more oil and allow blow by.

It seems like the less displacement, the less force the starter has to overcome and, the easier the job the starter has to rotate the engine. That’s true independent of fuel injection technology isn’t it? Or is the force to rotate the engine not related to displacement?

For comparison purposes assume the compression is more or less the same between the big engine and the smaller one.

And the smaller engine will have a smaller battery. Engine size is not a significant factor, to me.