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Starter 2010

Earlier I was worried about battery AAA came and said I MIGHT need a starter!! The car has always had a slow start but I never worried just seemed normal for me. Can I put something in with gas that may help? I really do not want to spend $ since unemployed right now

Well from your description of the issue… I have to make some assumptions. I have to assume you and the AAA guy were discussing the topic of “engine turnover speed”…this is the speed at which the starter motor is able to literally turn the engine over prior to it running on its own. People describe it as the R-R-Ruh…sound when you turn the key.

If that cadence is slow or laborious sounding…it will be one of a few items… If the battery is new and known to be fully charged and it sounds slow… You move to the battery connections…at the battery and where the cables go…one goes to ground…the other directly to the starter solenoid and subsequently to the starter motor…

When a starter and its solenoid switch wear or start to go bad…they require greater amounts of energy input…to allow the starter to operate at normal speed and thus…turn your engine over quickly…before it starts.

So…yes it can be the starter…or the internal contacts of the starter solenoid (one of the parts that make up a starter system)… but it can also be the connectors…connections…ground wire…as well…the system is only as strong as its weakest link


A fuel additive will not solve this . Did the trickle charger help as you said in your other thread ?


First, no, a fuel additive won’t help. Second, have you made sure the battery connections are clean and secure? Third, as @VOLVO_V70 asked, did the trickle charger help?

Can a gas additive help my battery or starter? I don’t have an answer for that that doesn’t sound cruel.


Even though I have never met her @oldtimer_11 I know your mother used to tell you.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

I still struggle to adhere to those wise words myself…but at least i try. lol

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You are right, I was trying to find a kinder way to say it, but failed.

It just seems that for some people, the world is a lot more full of mystery than for others.

It is sort of like the TV show “Numbers”. The premise only worked if you considered mathematics a mysterious and incomprehensible realm.

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Heh heh that’s what Kathy used to tell us in Sunday school class in 4th grade. Nice girl but moved to Iowa in 5th grade and haven’t seen her since. Her words keep coming back to me though from time to time. Kinda like saying though my faucet leaks but would it help to turn the heat down?

Should be room in 12 years of public school to at least spend a half a semester on mechanics though. One of my youtube favorites is “Mr. Pete Tubalcain”. He’s a former shop teacher with a ton of fun videos on everything from foundry to machining. All stuff I missed myself in school. At any rate last night he was talking about one of those clear plastic model engines that his dad bought him (also a shop teacher) that helped him understand how an engine worked and stimulated his interest in mechanics. My wife is doing puzzles now so I wonder if she would be interested in putting a model engine together as long as we are shut down? Naw, probably not. Mother’s Day is coming though. :grin:

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Thank you I will tell my mechanic guy. Not going to dealer too expensive for sure

I did the “visible V8” as a kid, and I’ve been debating on getting a new kit and building it.

I did the “visible V8” as a kid, and I’ve been debating on getting a new kit and building it.
Is another kit still able to be found?

They are still being made, and you can always get one of the 1960 originals on eBay. The new ones can be found on Amazon. The new ones are still OHV V8’s similar to the 1949 Cadillac and Olds.

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Thank you will have to check it out