Auto body repair

I was in a serious accident yesterday with out 2012 Mazda 5. I need a reputable auto body shop in near Newark NJ.

I don’t know of any reputable body shops in and around Newark, but if you are willing to drive a bit further, I can highly recommend Body Art, located in Garwood, NJ (adjacent to Cranford). I have used their services, as did some of my friends, and Body Art’s work is so good that it is akin to artistry. They are approved by Lexus, Infiniti, and BMW for body work on those high-end brands, so that should give you a clue about the standards that they uphold.

If you don’t want to go that far, I suggest that you call a few high-end car dealerships, and ask who they recommend for body work (aside from their own shop!). They don’t have to know that you own a Mazda or any other popularly-priced car when you call.