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Body repair of old Vs new car

You know that the new car bumper some how integrated to the body or at least different from old cars.

I have a 87 Integra w/ 150k miles and does 3k miles/yr. Paint is excellent condition.

I wondered if I upgrade to a 2006 Civic, then the body repair in the event of an accident is going to be expensive - I know if I am not at fault someone will pay for it. A yr ago the Integra got stolen and came back in a bad shape. I fixed it myself except the windshield-insurance wanted to write it off and I didn’t allow.

Suppose I am commuting by train I could leave this car at the station parking lot and be carefree. With newer car it won’t be the case. Once I thought of keeping the Integra even if I buy a Civic.

If I were to keep it, I might have to do the timing belt, $450.

Any thoughts?

If the Integra Runs well and you have no qualms driving it in the condition it’s in, and you like it. I would keep it. It’s a Honda if you really get down too it and $450.00 is like what, 1 and a half car payments?

If your only putting 3000 miles a year on it, and can still find the parts to keep it running, then why not keep it? Considering the cost for a 2006 will be about $9,000, that’s a lot of timing belts!

If you can afford the cost of a newer car, do this. Open a savings account with the down payment money you would have used. Each month, put in the amount of money your willing to pay towards payments on that newer car. Do this until the Integra is unsafe to drive or too expensive to fix. Then, use that money from the savings account to outright by a replacement car. It should be a tidy sum, maybe even enough to buy a new car instead of used.

On a side note, the resale value of the Integra is less than $1000, so any real damage and any insurance company involved will want to ‘total’ it and write it off. This way, they just cut a check for the minuscule value of the Integra.

If you’re concerned about crash damage or theft keep the Integra.

Why would you be uncomfortable leaving a 2006 Civic in the parking lot at the station? Look around the lot. There will be cars worth a LOT more than a Civic parked there.

You’re worrying about nothing.